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A very pleasant day to you!


I am Arturo Pagatpatan, owner and founder of PALZ BUDDIES Online Store.

Welcome to PALZ BUDDIES, your price friendly online store.


PALZ was coined from pals meaning friend and BUDDIES also meaning friends; The mission of my store is to offer very affordable, durable and good quality products to everyone.

PALZ BUDDIES is dynamic and will continually be adding new products. You can now start buying products from the store and your orders will be delivered to you (we are using the DropShipping principle).

The online store payment denomination was in US dollars so that it can caters not only those based in the US but globally. All you need is to convert USD to your country's currency and that's it. We promised to deliver the products to your shipping address. Our SYSTEM will guide you how to process your payments and deliveries.

Feel free to send me a message through our CONTACT US page for any questions or suggestions on products you want to see in our website. I am very much willing to look for the particular product you want.


Your question maybe is, why do i need to buy from PALZ BUDDIES?

Well, like i said, i make sure that the prices on this store is much AFFORDABLE than other online store in the market.


More about me...

It has been a long time dream of mine to create my own online store. The COVID19 pandemic became the catalyst that made me decide to start and pursue my dream.

I had the free time to study. One day, while watching a video on how to sell on Facebook, an advertisement pop up about an online training about online selling and learned about Shopify.


I have been creating websites for friends and business partners for FREE but never an online store. I am glad to have learned about Shopify because it provided a system that process completely the online purchases made in my store.

Currently, I am using PAYPAL to accept payments. PAYPAL protects the buyer and the seller. You do not need to have a PAYPAL account in order to pay online using PAYPAL.


I am a Filipino currently based here in the Philippines, I am a OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I am residing in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I am married to Lynnete Pagatpatan a Physician and entrepreneur. We only have a son named Zeki.

My Facebook account is www.facebook.com/ArturoPagatpatan ,

my LinkedIn account is www.linkedin.com/in/pagatpatan ,

my other Online Store is www.4life.com/7905190.


Below is a picture of my family, me at the center, my wife Lynnete and our son Zeki.


Again, I am very much open to your comments and suggestions, you can drop them through our CONTACT PAGE.

Thank you for patronizing my shop and I am looking forward to seeing you dropping by often and making a purchase at PALZ BUDDIES.


God bless you!

Arturo Pagatpatan


Below is a Video LINK how to pay online via PAYPAL without you having a PAYPAL account. All you need is click the PAYPAL Button and go all the way down below and click the button that says "PAY WITH CREDIT CARD or VISA DEBIT" and it will prompt you how to pay using your card. SIMPLE.


Pay With Credit Card Through PayPal WITHOUT PayPal Account - YouTube